Tuesday, 10 January 2012

West End: Oral History Project Meeting and History Posts

The next meeting of the Voices of the Daniel McIntyre / St. Matthews Neighbourhood - An Oral History Project is Wednesday, January 11 @6:30pm at the DMSMCA offices on Ellice Avenue !

For more information

Here is a collection of most of the West End history posts that I have done over the years to whet your appetite !

75 years of School Patrols !
Lil's Beauty Shop - Guy Madden's West End
Burnell's Bakeries
868 Arlington Street (Acme Blower)
618 Arlington Street (Northland Knitting)
Farewell West Central STREETS newspaper
Winnipeg's First Sex 'Scandal'
Home Street
Simcoe Street
639 Portage (Monte Cassino Court)
667 Ellice (former YMCA)
823 Ellice (former West End Library)
The Haselmere Block Fire
585 Ellice (Mac's Building / Ellice Cafe & Theatre)
Winnipeg's first 'Marina Style' Safeway
West End Cultural Centre Makeover
A History of Winnipeg Stadium
Thelmo Mansions - 512 Burnell Street

Some recent developments in the West End:
515 Portage Avenue (Wesely College, U of W)
358 Langside (Richardson College, U of W)
370 Langside (McFeetors Hall, U of W)

These are in the works and will be up soon !
The Sherbrook Pool
A history of St. Paul Avenue
One of Canada's first Safeways (Pal's)
810 Sargent (The Rose Theatre)
Grey Goose Garage
Crescent Creamery Ice Cream Plant (Hignell Printing)
Orioles Community Club
The Saint of 519 Burnell

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