Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010's Year End Dumplings

Time for a little navel gazing and a look back at what people liked in my little corner of the blogosphere. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and provided feedback throughout the year. Look for more of the same in 2011 !

First off, I'd like to thank my top referrers. It would be a much lonelier place without you !

Here are the Top 10 Dumplings of 2010:

Old-School Safeway
1. Safeway in Winnipeg Part 4: “Sweeping Styles”
This was number one hands-down, the hits powered by US retro design sites like groceteria.com and local discussions about the fate of Winnipeg’s Ellice and Wall building.

Old Market Square
2. Old Market Square’s Cube Opens
Love it or hate it, people wanted to know more about it and Google brought them here !

Western Flyer 1954 Scenic Cruiser
3. Bus Porn
Pics of the MTHA's sexy, sleek, 1950s Western Flyer coach taught me that "bus porn" is a niche market for the one-handed typer crowd. I hope not everyone was disappointed with what they found !

4. Safeway in Winnipeg Part 2: The Boom years (1929 – 1939)

5. I Love Manitoba Part 14: The Former Brandon Mental Health Site The post dates back to July 2009 but continues to draw interest.

Orioles Community Club
6. Wither Orioles ?
It touched a nerve in the lame world of petty community-level politics. The nastiness of the comments section is more interesting than the original post !

Safeway Sign Demo 10
7. West End Landmark Gone
It was only up for a couple of weeks but cracked the top ten. It also adds more Safeway content to what appears to have been a Safeway obsessed year for me !

8. Shenanigans of Halloweens Past

9. Brandon’s Firefighter Down Finally Honoured
One of the most satisfying posts I've written.

It was a follow up on a 2008 piece about Fred Brown, the only firefighter killed in the line of duty in Brandon. He was long forgotten, not even listed on the national honour roll. In 2010 it all came together. He was recognized at the national ceremony in Ottawa and the street on which Brandon’s new fire hall will sit is known as Fred Brown Way.

10. Manitoba Herald Archives Page
For those of you wondering 'why ?'. From time to time I do have people asking 'a couple of weeks back, you had a link to this story - where was that from ?' I decided to cut and paste the headlines for reference.

Downtown Winnipeg
Winnipeg Downtown Places is a new entry for me this year. I want to plot as many buildings, parks, artwork as I can to show some of the neat and often forgotten things that we have downtown !

Here are the top ten posts from that site for 2010:

1. 450 Portage Avenue: The Bay
One Lombard Place: The Richardson Building
265 Portage Avenue: The Avenue Building
The Lights on Broadway Festival
232 Princess Street: The Edge on Princess
1 Heaton Avenue: YouCube Condominiums
251 Donald Street: The Millennium Library
Memorial Boulevard: Memorial Park
Higgins and Main: Youth for Christ Centre
Assiniboine Avenue: Heritage Landing Development


John Dobbin said...

It is amazing what eventually ends up as being the top posts in a year on a blog.

I'll have to post what ended up on top for mine.

However, one thing is clear: There seems to be a craving for Brandon stories.

Christian Cassidy said...

I completely agree about Brandon stories !

Yes, post your top ten. I see Rise and Sprawl did that as well. We'll end up with a best of 2010 for Winnipeg blog posts !

kPg said...

This is a very entertaining year-end post! I hope 2010 was a blast for you. Well, for me, it wasn't that fun, but I learned a lot. I also have a year-ender, by the way. I wrote about The Sims 2 house designs, some of my personal drama, and my own top 5 lessons I learned in 2010. Care to read 'em? Just follow the links. Thanks! =)