Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Old Market Square's CUBE Opens !

Old Market Square
Old Market Square's new stage, The Cube, opens on Thursday July 17. Official ceremonies begin at at 11:00 am with speeches and at noon Papa Mambo will play the first concert. At 9:30 p.m. an interactive light and sound show will give Winnipeggers a peek at the stage as a stand-alone entertainment piece.
Entertainment and Old Market Square's park dates back to 1976 when the Old Market Square Merchants Association turned what was a grassed lot, once site of Winnipeg's main fire hall, into a farmers market.
Market Square
With the creation of larger, permanent stage in 1990 the park became home base for many of Winnipeg's summer entertainment events such as the Fringe and Jazz Festivals.
New Old Market Square !
Old Market Square
Old Market Square
In 2008 a revitalization program started that included better drainage, new sod and more lighting. The $1.5m stage, the skin of which is made up of 20,000 aluminum links, has a built-in lighting system, green room and two performance levels. It was designed by 5468796 Architecture.
Old Market Square
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