Friday, 31 December 2010

A blogging conundrum

My week off at the end of the year gives me a chance to take stock of my blogs, see what people liked and either complete or erase some half-baked posts that have been sitting in my "draft" box for weeks or months. I also do my annual scratch of the head about my blog 'portfolio' and what, if any changes i should make.

As you know, I have a series of blogs: This Was Winnipeg/Manitoba is how this whole thing started: a 'history by the day' site that would always be current. When I found the need to branch off into other topics or history 'vignettes' that didn't fit that format, Dumplings came into being.

I found myself doing a lot of building, art, site histories for places in the downtown and thought it would be interesting to put them aside, map them, and make a sort of 'downtown site index' that people could flip through or go street by street if they wanted. That is
Winnipeg Downtown Places.

Add to that, what once was my 'Daily Dumplings' feature, a semi-daily collection of headlines, coming events, video clips and other items that I found interesting, is now in my sidebar.

All put together, that is a lot of content.

I do like having separate blogs because - in my head at least - they are separate projects. Also, looking a feedback and what blogs link to mine there appears to be somewhat different audiences for different blogs. I know some history-related blogs will only link to This Was Winnipeg. More political / urban issue sites to West End Dumplings and it seems, from feedback, that people who keep an eye on Winnipeg Downtown Places sometimes don't even realize (or care) that I have history-related blogs on the go.

I enjoy producing the content for each blog and wouldn't like to end any of the 'streams'. What I do sometimes think is: is there a better way to bring them together under one place, at least when initially posted ? The reason being, is that
I do feel bad if one blog falls behind by a couple of weeks and will try to bring it up to speed. That, in a way, interrupts the flow of what I what I want to post and I end up with one blog with a backlog of draft posts and another that's not been touched for a while.

Here, I think, are my options:

1. Just keep on keeping on.

2. Make Dumplings my,'omnibus site', publishing all posts here (and perhaps using the label feature to divide them up OR just perhaps post the headlines for the other two sites with built in links to the other blogs).

3. Is there some app or new blog site that I have overlooked that would help me do what I want ?
For number 3, I do have a website at christiancassidy.com but found that I spent more time fiddling with the site and on formatting issues than I did actually researching and posting material
. That is what brought me to blogspot.

I'd love to hear your feedback on how things are set up, or any other aspects of my blog for that matter.

You can use the comments section, though sometimes people complain that anon posts don't always show up, or me at me at cassidy - at - mts.net


Fat Arse said...

I say: "All aboard the Omnibus!"

Personal preference only, but if you made this site your "clearinghouse central" it would work for me.

Either way,
Happy New Year

cherenkov said...

Happy New Year!

I think the way you have it is pretty good, with the "my other web places" in the top left. You might want to look at changing from Blogger to Wordpress. Wordpress can give you multiple tabs on the same site so you can consolidate everything a little more. I don't know if you can customize the sidebars for each tab, but it might have other useful features.

Alex Reid said...

I think you should use your domain name site as your 'catch all' as this is your 'West End' site it seems.

I know you've had some tough times with learning WordPress, but get Skype installed on your computer, drop me a line, let me know when you're free for a hour some evening and I'll help you.

There are some things we've already gone over that might help make this as painless as possible.

Happy New Year buddy,

mrchristian said...

Thanks everyone who commented here or by email.

I certainly will do some more investigation into the wordpress thing and am going to try, through the title link function, to play around with putting all of my posts here.

Forgive if it looks a bit messy while I am trying stuff out.

Onwards and upwards !

Happy New Year !

Sean Carney said...

Personally, I've headed towards the Omnibus with my websites. I've found that keeping some sense of internal division between the types of content, along with a summary view, is the way to go.

Whatever route you choose, thank you for all your efforts. I enjoy reading your blogs and have learned a great deal from them.