Monday, 2 January 2012

Year end clearance: Faux Mayor Poll

At year end I slog through my draft folder and try to finish or ditch some half-baked items from the year before. Here's one that actually goes back to 2010 !

In the 2010 Calgary civic election, which coincided with ours, a local CTV news anchor threw her name in to the ring. I did a little web poll asking which Winnipeg news personality would make the best mayor here. (Gord Leclerc, Sylvia Kuzyk and Kim Babij won).

I carried it on with local entertainer, morning deejay and mascot. The top three winners of each poll faced off in a final vote in October to decide who would be the 'faux' mayor of Winnipeg.

Voter turnout was almost non existent and it ended in a neck and neck tie between Shaw's Kim Babij and entertainer Fred Penner. Even when late votes trickled in, they continued to be tied for weeks afterwards. As voters dried up and the tie remained, I eventually forgot about the post - until this week.

After a year forgotten in cyberspace, there is a clear winner of Winnipeg's faux mayor poll: Shaw TV's Kim Babij. She managed to finally distance herself from Penner and a seemingly late surge by Benny the Jet !

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