Monday, 13 September 2010

Mayoral Poll No. Three: Results !

Poll Three: which local mascot would make the best mayor of Winnipeg resulted in a three-way tie and some surprising results !

The Folklorama Llama, who only comes out for good times, made the cut.

Buzz, of the Blue Bombers, won and showed an interesting split in the mascot duo as his partner, Boomer, got no votes at all.

Benny the Jet, who must be looking, (and smelling), a little worse for wear after a decade in storage, managed to also make it through.

Health care might be important at the federal and provincial level but not enough to get Dr. Goodbear into the final three. Crime, which is the big civic issue, didn't translate into any votes for Copper the Winnipeg Police Service mascot.

They will join the winners of the Winnipeg entertainers poll and the local TV personality poll in October for a show-down. There are a couple more polls to come !

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