Saturday, 23 October 2010

Winnipeg Faux-Mayor: The final vote !

When CTV Calgary anchor Barb Higgins threw her hat into their mayoral race I asked 'which local tv personality would make the best mayor of Winnipeg ?' Since then, I've asked the same about entertainers, mascots and morning show deejays.

Now, the top vote getters from each poll face-off for the title of Faux-Mayor of Winnipeg ! Results will be final on Friday morning. Here are your finalists:

Benny (Winnipeg Jets)
Benny was christened in a 1986 fan contest and unveiled as number 00 for the Jets before the 86-87 season. His name is, of course, is a double entendre of the name of Jets founder Ben Hatskin and the Elton John song Bennie and the Jets. Despite being six feet tall and blue, little has been seen of Benny since 1996. Winnipeg Jets Online wondered 'Where’s Benny' but got no takers. He might be an absentee mayor.

Kim Babij (Shaw TV)
Babij is long-time local media personality, now co-hosting The Fabulous Blue Bombers Show on Shaw TV. She’s also been with MTN, CBC and the local Score Sports reporter. In 2008 she won the regional ‘Media Idol’ contest with her version of Time after Time, (which sadly cannot be found on-line). A life-long Winnipegger she is also a Red River CreComm grad.

Gerry "The Big Bear" Barrett (NCI)
‘The Big Bear’ is a 48 year-old Ojibwe from the Saugeen First Nation in southern Ontario. He is a comedian and host of the NCI-FM morning show based out of Winnipeg. It would be the first time one of 'his kind' would be mayor of Winnipeg - yes, I'm talking about an Elvis impersonator.
Ace Burpee (Hot 103)
The omnipresent Burpee has been co-host of the 103 FM morning show since 2003, blogs with the Big Boys (and girl) over at the Free Press and is a Shaw TV personality. Last year he showed his range of talents by teaming up with Hilary Druxman to create West End necklaces and was the Head Elf in the Santa Claus Parade. A man for all people

Buzz (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
Buzz and his partner Boomer are among Winnipeg's oldest mascots, celebrating their 25th birthday last year. For those who think that there is little difference between the two, in the 'which mascot would make the best mayor of Winnipeg ?' poll Buzz tied for first while companion Boomer got no votes at all. I hope that doesn't cause a rift !

Folklorama Llama
This guy might have the seniors vote locked up ! Always out for a good time Llama has been a fixture with Winnipeg's most popular festival since 1988. He is also the tallest contender, for those of you that believe height is important in an elected official.

Sylvia Kuzyk (CTV)
She's the grand dame of Winnipeg television and has the hardware to prove it - everything from the 2010 Association of Electronic Journalists Lifetime Achievement Award to the Order of Manitoba. Beginning her on-air career in 1974 she has the advantage of having met 60% of the population of the city over that time.

Gord Leclerc (CTV)
Brandon-born and The Pas raised, Leclerc joined CTV back in 1995 and is now Winnipeg's most watched news anchor. He's still a man of the people, though, as he has been seen this year both riding Winnipeg Transit and repelling down the Royal Bank building, not on the same day.

Fred Penner
Frederick Ralph Cornelius Penner, which fortunately was shortened to 'Fred', is known to generations of Winnipegers as a folk singer, then children's entertainer. His show Fred Penner's Place (1984-99) brought him a North America-wide audience. Not just a pretty voice, he's got an Order of Canada and a psych degree, the latter could come in handy for this job.

Little Hawk (Troy Westwood)
From kicking footballs to kicking it on the stage, Dauphin's Westwood has spent 20 years in the Winnipeg spotlight. In 2002 his singing career garnered him a Juno Award with the group Eagle and Hawk. He is now a morning deejay at QX104 and performs as Little Hawk. He still holds the highest field goal percentage in CFL playoff history and being able to deliver a swift kick might be a great asset at City Hall !

John K. Sampson
Sampson already had a few years under his belt performing with Propagandhi before The Weakerthans broke onto the local music scene in 1997. In the autumns of 2009 and 2010 he released solo EPs. Despite his most famous song being about hating Winnipeg, Sampson received a civic political appointment earlier this year - as a 2010 Mayor's Arts Ambassador.


One Man Committee said...

Samson would be the most compelling choice, but Burpee's charisma could make him a strong contender in this race. Buzz's willingess to physically assault challengers means that you can't easily count him out.

(And is it just me, or is Gord Leclerc pretty much separated at birth from George W. Bush?)

BellaDonna137 said...

i was a waitress at Sals at Fermor and St Annes Rd and waited on Sylvia and her husband a couple times...bitches dont fucking tip and i was a SWEETHEART at that place! i once got a $20 as a tip for being AMAZING! so yea...for them to NOT tip me was so fucking rude...i acutally thought one of the other girls would take the tip but then i got a newbie to wait on them and same shit...i used to love her but now i know she's just a greedy, coldhearted bitch who likes salisbury steak with her breakfast!