Friday, 25 May 2018

2018 Doors Open Winnipeg - Sherbrook Pool

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Kinsmen Sherbrook Pool today for its first-ever appearance at Doors Doors Open Winnipeg. The pool is not part of day two, but check out some of the other 100 or so building and walking tours on offer.

Here are a few links related to the pool....

- My four-part series on the history of the pool written in 2012.

- My Free Press column about the pool written in 2016.

- Select before and after renovation photos of the pool.

- My Flickr album of around 150 photos of the pool.

- Four national record holders who trained at the pool in the 1930s and 1940s: Vivian King; Ethel Gilbert; Catherine Kerr; and Vera Tustin.

- Friends of Sherbrook Pool website and (more up-to-date) Facebook page.

- Kinsmen Sherbrook Pool hours.

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