Monday, 14 August 2017

Saving rural Manitoba's heritage


My column in today's Winnipeg Free Press takes a look at three vacant rural Manitoba buildings and the efforts to preserve them. In these three cases, they have been campaigns decades in the making.

As you drive around the highways this summer, be sure to get off the beaten track and check out some of our small towns, villages and hamlet to see what secrets they share !

Here is a link to the story. Thee are the buildings I take a look at:

Rivers Train Station
Location: Rivers, Manitoba, population 1,257 (2016) 
Built: 1917
Architect: Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
More information: www.riversdalyheritage.ca/station
More photos: My Flickr album

Rapid City Consolidated School
Rapid City, Manitoba, population 478 (2016) 
Built: 1902
Architect: William Alexander Elliott (also see)
Information: www.facebook.com/RapidCityMuseum
More photos: My Flickr album

Ninette Sanatorium for Consumptives
Location: Ninette, Manitoba, population 221 (2016) 
Built: 1909-10
Architect: Walter Shillinglaw (also see)
Information: www.facebook.com/NinetteSanatorium
More Photos: My Flickr album

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