Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Main Street Underpass Makeover


With news that the Main Street Underpass is getting a makeover with new paint and lighting, I thought I would look back at the history of the structure, which opened in 1904.

Interestingly, right from day one there was controversy about its unsafe, "tunnel like appearance".

You can check out my research here.

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Unknown said...

I have a question to ask you about the Empress of Ireland piece you did in 2014. I'm doing some research on Eli Evinson - he died but his wife survived. Did they actually both send telegrams to say they survived? I know that the baby's body was found and he was buried in Quebec City. Eli's body was lost at sea. Any further info you can give me would be appreciated. Is there a better copy of Eli's photo ... or perhaps you can direct me to the source of the original image as I will have a better chance of retouching the original.

Many thanks

Irv Osterer
Ottawa, ON