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Meadows Grain Elevator 1947 - 2017

The ca. 1947 Meadows, Manitoba Paterson Grain elevator is being demolished.

Meadows was created ca. 1882, established by the CPR. It took until 1905 before the settlement was large enough to ask the R. M. of Rossburn for permission to open their own school. A train station was added in 1906.

October 5, 1922, Winnipeg Tribune

Settlers guides from the late 1880s show that there was grain collection from Meadows but it was an informal system where the grain was stored and scooped into rail cars. It wasn't until 1912 that it got its first formal elevator.

Initially, it was run by a local company then sold to the McLaughlin Grain Co. in 1915.

In 1922, Paterson Grain purchased the elevator.

According to the CPR, that year the town boasted a population of 150 with a  school, general store, elevator, oil tank and blacksmith. Before the year was out, however, a fire destroyed the village`s elevator, bank building and blacksmith`s shop.

Meadows`dual elevators, image ca. 1947 - 1953.

Paterson rebuilt a new, 30,000 bushel elevator. A second, 60,000 bushel elevator was added in 1947. An annex was added in 1953.

In 1976, the ca. 1922 elevator was demolished. A new annex was added later that decade.

(Elevator dates and dual elevator images from: The First Hundred Years: 1893-1993.)

When the Marquette elevator was torn down in 2003, rumours were that Meadows would be next, though a representative from Paterson Grain told the Stonewall Argus that there were no such plans at the time.

On June 28, 2017, a permit was signed off on for the demolition of the building structure.

For more images of the Meadows elevator.

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