Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Top Dumplings of 2014 !

At the end of each year I like to take a look back and see which posts got the most views.

Being a history-themed blog, it can be posts written many years ago that make up most of my present-day top ten. Whenever I get the chance, I do try to new material and correct formatting issues that seem to creep in as time goes by.

This year, West End Dumplings alone had 71,000 page views, (Winnipeg Downtown Places and This Was Winnipeg had about the same number, combined.) Thanks to everyone who checked them out !!

Below are my top eleven most-viewed posts from 2014.....

1. By far the most-read post was Lives Lived at 1021 Wellington Crescent (2014). It is a look at some of the families who called the stately house home before it was razed by fire in February 2014.

2. People still love Ken Leishman: The Flying Bandit. I originally posted this in 2008, (it's been updated a few times since), when Dumplings was still in its formative stages, so it appears at This Was Winnipeg.it is still one of my most-read posts and I've probably had more emails and comments about this than any other post.

3. A Look Back at the MS Lord Selkirk II (2012). The vessel continues to make news as governments try to figure out how to dispose of it.

4. Safeway was in the news this year as the November 2013 takeover by Sobeys took effect. A few of my Safeway in Winnipeg (2010) posts made the top ten, so I will group them together here. I've come across much more information, so this series needs an updating, which I will do soon !

5. "Little House" on Arlington Street to be Demolished (2014) is a look back at the history of a very small house on Arlington that was finally being demolished after it was struck by an SUV.

6. West End Dumplings - The Radio Edition's main page is a list of all of the episodes and links to the respective episode guides and podcasts. In December the pods have to be relocated to another location, which I am working on now !)

7. My series Winnipeg's Sweetheart, Deanna Durbin (2011) has always been a popular series of posts, even a year after her death.

8. The Halters of Winnipeg (2010) looks back at a Winnipeg family that included a colourful lawyer and the first commissioner of the CFL.

9. As the city looks to replace the Arlington Street Bridge by 2020, people continue to seek out my series on the History of the Arlington Street Bridge (2011).

10. People still want to know about the History of the Winnipeg Stadium (2011).

11. As the redevelopment of the old Christie's Biscuit Factory on Notre Dame finishes off, my post about the building's history (2012) continues to be popular.

The top five posts that were written in 2014 are....

1. Lives Lived at 1021 Wellington Crescent
2. "Little House" on Arlington Street to be Demolished
3. 100 Manitobas who Died in WWI (which will continue to be added to in 2015)
4. The Bay Downtown's "Great Beacon"
5. The Bay Downtown's Elevator Murals

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