Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Bay Downtown - It's all for you !

June 14, 1955, Winnipeg Free Press

The above full-page Free Press ad is from a much different era in Canadian retailing. 

The Bay's Portage Avenue store was undergoing a "pillar to post" renovation. A new warehouse addition to the south side of the building meant that loads of new floor space was made available for retail sales. it was during this renovation that the Paddlewheel and the Bay Parkade opened.

Today, I suppose they could run the same ad but with workmen busily dismantling the place. The store, now shrunk from 6 floors to three, has recently announced the closure of the basement Zellers / Groceteria and 6th floor Paddlewheel.

It seems as if this icon of Winnipeg retail is determined to go with a whimper rather than a bang.

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Anonymous said...

They call that progress/Walmart!

Jason said...

There are rumours that The Bay downtown may close completely.


mrchristian said...

Thanks for the link. Sadly, that is what is likely going to happen.