Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sherbrook Pool ca. 1946: open until 11 for your convenience

April 30 1946, Winnipeg Free Press

I am finishing off part 2 and 3 of my history of Sherbrook Pool which will be posted later in the week, (you can see part 1 here.) I came across this great ad for the pool announcing that it is now open until 11 pm !

Shortly after this appeared the Sherbrook Pool would become the only indoor pool in the city as the Pritchard Baths were closed the following year and eventually torn down. Sherbrook Pool was bursting at the seams trying to accomodate swimming times for the public, school division and service groups ranging from the Red Cross to the Boy Scouts. On top of that, there was the city's numerous swim clubs and a water polo league !

Below is an ad from a couple of years earlier announcing that the pool would re-open after a major renovation.

September 28, 1945, Winnipeg Tribune

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