Thursday, 10 May 2012

Index of West End Winnipeg posts

Over the years I have written a number of blog entries dealing with the history of the West End. I think I've tracked them all down and here they are and there's more to come !

Arlington Street

Balmoral Street

Beverley Street

Burnell Street
- Part 1: Early Burnell Street (1896 - 1909)
- Part 2: Thorsteinn Oddson's Burnell Street (1909 - 1914)
- Part 3: Buildings, sites of Burnell and St. Paul
- Part 1: West End Orioles (1936 - 1946)
- Part 2: Transformation (1947 - 1950)
- Part 3: Orioles Community Centre (1950 - 1970)
- Part 4: Orioles Community Centre (1973 - 2007)

Ellice Avenue
823 Ellice (West End Library / DMSMCA)
Ellice and Balmoral (Bus Shelter)

Home Street

Langside Street
358 Langside Street Richardson Science Complex (U of W)
370 Langside Street McFeetors Hall (U of W)

Notre Dame Avenue

Portage Avenue

Sargent Avenue

Sherbrook Street
381 Sherbrook (Sherbrook Pool - soon)
577 Sherbrook
Walhalla / Delrey Apartments

Simcoe Street

St. Matthews

St. Paul Avenue
A history of St. Paul Avenue (soon)
Fire on St. Paul Avenue

Wellington Avenue

Safeway - numerous Safeways were built in the area (including Portage, Ellice, Sargent, St. Matthews.)

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