Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Old airport terminal's giant murals find new homes !

Airport Art Airport Art

Great news on the airport art front. The Canadian Press reports that both of the 100' x 40' murals are off to new homes !

Airport Art

Northern Lights (1964) by former U of M prof John W. (Jack) Graham (1922 - 2007), has already been shipped off to Ottawa's Canada Aviation and Space Museum for permanent display.

Airport Art

Eli Bornstein's (1922 - ) Structural Relief in Fifteen Parts (1962) is off to the U of M. They have been negotiating for it since 2010.

That's now most of our old airport's original public art accounted for - except for the Solar Cone ?!

For a look back at all of the works from the old terminal (as well as the terminal itself !)


Winnipeg Girl said...

Ah shame, Northern Lights was my favourite of the two, wish it was the one I could still perhaps easily visit.

mrchristian said...

Maybe they'll produce little models of it and sell it at the museum gift shop !

Filippa Sartini said...

Good for them! Hmm, you know... it's kind of a shame that they weren't shipped off to other air terminals. Art like those fit best in an environment that they're familiar in.

Ah, well. If it's any consolation, that leaves room and opportunities for other airports to do a mural of their own.