Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Harvey's adds to Portage Ave eatery explosion !

Abandoned McDonald's Former Cue Club
U of W Portage and Langside Army Surplus Demo

The stretch of Portage from Memorial to Sherbrook has undergone quite a transformation thanks to the University of Winnipeg. A side benefit has been the addition of a number of new eateries.

Kicking it off was Stellas in the Buhler Centre, then Pop Soda's Coffee House and Gallery. Last month elements The Restaurant opened in the Richardson Science Centre and on Monday Harvey's opened in the long-abandoned former McDonald's at Langside.

Oh, and Garbonzo's is coming soon to the AnX (former Mall Centre).

What a difference a year makes !

For more on the U of W's changes on Portage see The Axworthy Effect.


Alex Reid said...

This is great news!!

mrchristian said...

I went three tonight and the palce was packed. That's the other nice thing with restaurants filling these formerly empty spaces - more eyes and ears !

John Dobbin said...

All up and down Portage and now Main Street we are seeing restaurants being created.

It is a different place than even 18 months ago.