Tuesday, 2 August 2011

More housing win for Sherbrook Street

Sherbrook Logan Area
Sherbrook Street has pulled off another infill housing project. A couple of years back it was Greenheart Housing Co-op near Broadway, last month was the announcement of a new commercial / residential block at Sara Avenue. Now it's a two storey, 12 unit apartment complex at Alexander.

Logan Avenue Area, Winnipeg

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The location is in the Centennial Neighbourhood, the site of the former Winnipeg Laundry Ltd. building at 669 Sherbrook Street which was torn down last month.

May 26, 1922. Manitoba Free Press.

The Logan and Sherbrook area is a neat little neighbourhood. It still retains a number of great commercial buildings from its past though the bank and corner grocery stores are long gone. I touched a little on the history in a post about the neighbouring building A history of 646 Logan Avenue.

Here are a few of the neighbouring buildings:

Sherbrook and Logan

Sherbrook Logan Area

Logan Avenue Area, Winnipeg

Sherbrook St

Logan Avenue Area, Winnipeg

Here's the Board of Adjustment report on the project.

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