Monday, 1 August 2011

Dumpling Platter: murals; downtown living; beating city hall and a Vulcan sighting !

Murals come and murals go. Here's a cool new one going up on Maple at Higgins (kitty corner to the former CP Station). Sadly, we've lost a few over the summer as well, including the ones outside Rainbow Stage, (though they are to be replaced).

To keep up with the coming and going of Winnipeg's murals check out the
What's New section of The Murals of Winnipeg.

Downtown Living
The Ryan Building
I've been updating my neglected Downtown Places blog. I did a couple of new we projects like Sky Condominiums and also take a look at the Ryan Building / 110 James (above).

Beating City Hall
Boyd Building
Back in February the owner of the Boyd Building lost his appeal to keep the giant billboard on the side of his building. The order wasn't to turn it off, it was to remove it as the city determined that it violated zoning, heritage, and third-party advertising bylaws. Six months later and it hasn't moved.

Boyd Building
While on the topic of the Boyd Building, the 12 storey parkade planned for the east side hasn't made any progress. A park was cleared out for the construction then suddenly a turned into a surface, gravel parking lot which wasn't in the plans. Despite huffing and puffing by some, the owner said that steps would be taken to 'beautify' the space until construction started. That was in November 2009 so, presumably, this is the finished product.

One Great City had a good post about the parking lot fiasco here.

I guess the best way to beat city hall (twice) is to just ignore it.

Vulcan Sighting
Former Sovereign Life Building

Recent renovations to the former Sovereign Life building on Broadway uncovered a bit of history. The girders of the building are stamped Vulcan Iron and Engineering.

Vulcan, located in the North End, was one of the first shops to put down their tools for the Winnipeg General Strike. It closed in 1954 and this building was built in 1957 so it's safe to say that this is one of the last buildings to use Vulcan steel.

For more on the building and the reno plans. renos. For more on Vulcan.

Finally ....
Portage and Main
The city is once again doing a great job flowering up the place this summer. Here's a shot of Portage and Main !

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