Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New housing for Sherbrook Street, West Broadway

Maryland Street
A large, new housing and retail development proposal is on tap for the West Broadway portion of Sherbrook Street at Sara Avenue. The plan is headed up by Verne Reiner Architects.

Maryland Street
They are looking to build a new "...four storey, 44 unit residential multi-family development with both one and two bedroom units ranging from 515 sq ft to 747 sq ft and a main floor commercial unit of 961 sq ft. The development will have 32 ground level exterior parking spaces at the rear of the building". (Source).

It's been great to see the transformation of the street. With its eclectic collection of shops and restaurants it has decent-sized sidewalks and street parking shielding patios from traffic on both sides. I'd put it behind Corydon (but not far) and ahead of Osborne as a great street to hang out on.

Sherbrook Street Festival
I watched a lot of that change happen in the decade or so that I lived there beginning in the early 1990s.

Some bigger retailers disappeared like McKnight's Pharmacy and Sooter's. They were replaced by places like Brave New World (their 10th anniversary this year). Charisma started as a little sub and fried chicken shop and has since expanded a couple of times and has become a very popular Indian restaurant. Eddy's Garage popped up and is still around as The Standard. Even an old favourite like The Nook expanded and opened a lounge.

This was all without fanfare or big government programs, it just happened.

There has not been a lot of new development along that strip save for the building Subway is in at the corner of Westminster Avenue which replaced a burned out mixed use building.

Greenheart Housing Co-op
A couple of years back another housing development appeared on the block to the north - The Greenheart Housing Co-op.

Also see Bellamy in the Free Press (includes drawing of project)


Anonymous said...

I would like to see some developments like this take place on St. Mary's Road in Old St. Vital.
I still remember an article from Perimeter magazine in 1998 or so saying that St. Mary's will be the next Corydon. That neighbourhood looks and feels exactly as it did in the bad ol' late 90s but still has a lot of potential.

One Man Committee said...

Sherbrook really has changed quite a bit over the past decade. It wasn't that long ago that it felt like it was on the downswing. It is now transforming into one of Winnipeg's best urban streets -"best" in the sense that it is a neigbhourhood strip that grew organically as opposed to being something contrived or intended as a destination for the entire city.

I can think of a couple of friends from out of town who went to school in Winnipeg... they make a beeline for Cousins and the Nook whenever they come back to Winnipeg. They didn't even live in Wolseley or West Broadway! The area certainly has drawing power.

Christian Cassidy said...

My sister lives just off that strip. It would make a nice sidewalk cafe area.

Unknown said...

anyone remember the name of the gentle tall pharmacist at mcknights on sherbrook st. he was a great guy, like a gentle giant...