Tuesday, 12 July 2011

UPDATED: Revitalizing Jacob Penner Park - Friday, July 15

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Jacob Penner Park
Jacob Penner Park, was named in 1980 for the long-time former alderman who served as a Communist member of council from 1934 to 1962. There was one small break - a two year stint of internment in jail during World War II.

The park is
located on Notre Dame Avenue across from the Women's Pavilion of the HSC. It stretches back to Wellington Avenue and is bounded by Victor and McGee Streets.

Jacob Penner Park

Given the area it is actually quite a large green space.
It has a nice lawn area ringed by mature trees with a picnic shelter, children's play area and programming hut. It would be a gem in any neighbourhood but this, of course, isn't any neighbourhood.

It does attract the social problems of the surrounding area, including the dregs from the neighbouring Maryland Hotel. Some of its most basic amenities have been allowed go to pot.

Jacob Penner Park

Back during one of my rants about the need for more youth rec opportunities I pointed out that there is a basketball court with backboards ... but no hoops on them (?!) A neighbouring space that likely was once a tennis court has had the chain link fence net removed leaving just a big slab of crumbling hard top.
(Interestingly, there is a public works yards situated on that corner of the park with windows overlooking the unused basketball and tennis area).

Jacob Penner Park

It's the best of parks and worst of parks all rolled into one but there is a rejuvenation plan afoot. The province and city have teamed up with a
$225,000 grant under the Building Communities Program to make improvements to the space.

If you are a resident or user of the space you are invited to come
participate in a neighbourhood consultation on what improvements you would like to see !

Friday, July 15, 2011, between 4 pm and 7:30 pm
in Jacob Penner Park (look for the signs)

For more info contact the DMSMCA

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