Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Portage Ave jazz joint; Missing Piccadilly's.

Juss Jazz, Portage Avenue

Back in April "Leased" signs went up on the old Soup Pierre space and Metro carried a story quoting the anonymous owner that it would be open June 1.

Juss Jazz, Portage Avenue

Well, it still seems to be a work in progress. Anyone know more about Juss Jazz and when it might open ?

280 Fort Street

Just around the corner on Fort Street, the former ANAVETS and their pub Piccadilly's space hasn't made any progress.

ANAVETS sold their home on Garry Street and leased space here in 2006 or so. Their club room became Piccadilly's which boasted pool tables, a large patio and great burgers.

The owner of the building (which also housed
Red Fort Tandoor House) ran into financial difficulty and the building was bought by the Hotel Fort Garry in 2008. They announced that the building would become a banquet centre and ANAVETS / Piccadilly's was given three months to vacate.

280 Fort Street

For the past three years this is what the former Piccadilly's has looked like

Doing a little checking and it seems that the Fort Garry still own it and have plans to make it into something called Public Yoga, a yoga and event centre. It will supposedly open in Fall 2011.

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