Friday, 8 July 2011

Have you seen this fire truck ?!

Former Merrick FD Fire Truck

Yes, I am putting out an A.P.B. for this ca. 1960 former Merrick, N.Y. Hook and Ladder Company LaFrance Fire Chief Engine !

Back in 2007 I saw it sitting in a back lane off of Dufferin Avenue. It seemed an odd site, even for a North End back lane. Despite the rust, it looked like it had been just taken out of service.

Former Merrick FD Fire Truck

At the time I blogged if anyone knew the story behind it but didn't get any replies. Last week, though, I was contacted by a former chief and a historian of the Merrick Volunteer Fire Department, (Merrick is on Long Island, New York about 35 miles east of New York City).

They purchased the vehicle in 1960 and it remained in service until 1997 when it was donated to another fire department in New York State. After that they lost touch with it until they saw these pics, (you can see the whole album here).

Former Merrick FD Fire Truck

So, what we're both wondering is what happened to the vehicle after its time in the back lane ? Was it purchased to go into service fighting forest fires or on a reserve ? Is it being used for training ? Did it hit the scrap heap ?

If you've seen this fire truck or know what happened to it please let me know at cassidy -at- mts.net and I will pass the information along to Merrick !


CreativeNige said...

I'm wondering if that's the same fire truck that's often parked in a lot at the corner of Pembina and McGillivray, I believe, with a sign on it advertising a firefighter academy/school. If so, the truck would have been repainted. But it looks about the same.

raespace said...

If that is not the missing firetruck, take a look on Panet Rd in that industrial yard just North of the tracks and Princess Auto. My husband says there are several old firetrucks in the back.

Christian Cassidy said...

Thanks ! No luck on either !