Sunday, 6 March 2011

The lions of Winnipeg unveiled !

Here are the answers to the Lions of Winnipeg quiz !

From top row, left:

Fmr Royal Alex Hotel shards, John Hirsch Pl. (Map).
Waddell Fountain, Central Park (Map)
Zimmerman Block, Main St. (Map)
Fmr Merchants Bank, Main St. at Bannerman (Map)
St. Boniface Cathedral (Map)
Fmr Bank of Commerce, Arlington St. at Notre Dame (Map)

From bottom row, left:

Electric Railway Chambers (See below)
Millennium Centre, Main St. (Map)
Winnipeg Cenotaph, Memorial Blvd. (Map)
Electric Railway Chambers (See below)
NWTCo Building, Garry St. (Map)
Apartment Building, Vaughan St. (Map)

Electric Railway Chambers
The best place for 'lion watching' in Winnipeg is the Electric Railway Chambers on Albert Street at Notre Dame Avenue. (Map)

Electric Railway Chambers Building
Electric Railway Chambers Building
Electric Railway Chambers Building
The marble lion is at the foot of the main staircase looking toward the entrance.

Electric Railway Chambers
Electric Railway Chambers
The majestic exterior lions sit high above looking down on both Albert Street and Notre Dame Avenue, though the lion's share (tee hee !) are on Albert. Think about THAT next time you're coming out of The Albert with a few Fort Garry Dark inside you !

In 1995 the exterior of the building was renovated and any crumbling pieces replaced or restored.

Map of Portage and Main NW Corner
The Chambers were lucky. They escaped the orgy of mid 1970s to mid 1980s demolition in the area. Square blocks of buildings around Portage and Main were torn down in anticipation of new developments, a majority of which never occurred.

The Chambers was vulnerable. It was headquarters for Montreal Trust Company until 1975 when the company relocated leaving a large amount of vacant space. It survived but most didn't as can be seen in the map above. (Of note, the McIntyre Block lot is now 'celebrates' over 30 years as a surface parking lot !)

There goes the neighbourhood:

NW Corner Portage and Main, West Side ca. 1974 (source)

NW Corner of Portage and Main, East Side ca 1950's (source)

Readying the McIntyre for demolition ca. 1979 (source)

On your travels, keep an eye out for Winnipeg's lions. There are dozens more out there !

Electric Railway Chambers
Historic Buildings Committee
Early History of Portage and Main Time Machine

Lol - great minds think alike ! Rise and Sprawl's latest post just happens to include an image PRE Electric Railway Chambers !

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