Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Seriously, MUCH ?

Last year CTV applied to the CRTC to make major changes to MUCHMUSIC, including abandoning music videos in favour of 'lifestyle' television shows. In other words keeping up with the MTVses. The change would "better position MuchMusic to adapt to the business realities of audience fragmentation and changing technologies" said their application.

I was trolling the high level channels and stumbled across the station that was once part Moses Znaimer, The New Music, J.D. Roberts and Strombo and came across: Pants off Dance Off "Muchmusic's fun new series where people dance their pants off, literally, in a battle of nerves, stamina and ...most importantly... NAKEDNESS!"

For the sole purpose of possibly updating my Demise of Much post from last year, I decided to stay tuned for a bit.

Well, the show isn't exactly as billed. The intro and website talk about nakedness but it's 18 - 21 year old men and women in front of a green screen dancing down to generously cut underwear while a video plays in the background.

In the world of low-end teen music station programming (even for CanCon) this is probably as low-end as you can get. It made The Hills look like powerful drama.

They do a little interview with the 'contestants' and I think it's fair to assume that none of them will have the problem of reaching the pinnacle of the legal or medical community just to have this come back to haunt them.
Still, the weird things people will do for their 15 minutes of fame.

To read more about this riveting CTV/MUCHMUSIC show (or to sign up as a contestant !) here's their
web page.


One Man Committee said...

I just can't wrap my head around the notion that garbage like this actually brings in more viewers than actual music.

We can have music channels that play anything but, music channels that play sound only (Galaxie), but apparently there is no humanly possible way of making money from a TV channel that shows music videos. So off to YouTube I (and millions of others) go.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I accidentally stumbled on this train wreck of a program a little while ago. I don't think this is exactly what they envisioned when they drew up the CanCon rules, so Much has to scrape the bottom of the barrel to fill those hours when they can't show Snooki and the Situation drinking until they black out.

Don said...

Actually, as stupid as I think Pants Off Dance Off is, it is pretty harmless. To be honest, I'd rather have my kids dance sans pants than have them emulate the Jersey Shore crowd.

DriveGoddess said...

Weird how Much can play this crap but back in the day when Ren and Stimpy was being aired they had to fight the CRTC tooth and nail to air that brilliant bit of tv...

mrchristian said...

Ha. That's right. They thought IT was too low-brow. Amazing how far we've fallen in just a decade !