Monday, 5 July 2010

The Demise of 'Much'

In this month's Maisonneuve, Ryan McNutt has a story about CTV's application to basically dismantle MuchMusic as a music station. Their application calls for cutting pretty much all of their musical content in favour of airing 'lifestyle' shows and movies. Also, they want to slash the funding to their program to produce Canadian music videos by 50%. (Read the application here).

I guess it's not a surprise given MTV Canada's fare of trampy reality series and hour-long talk shows dedicated to talking about what just happened in the preceeding reality show. The few bits and pieces of either music network that I see always make me think of the Znaimer MuchMusic days.

It was hip, cool AND smart. Some interesting faces came though that period. "J.D.", *ahem* John, Roberts, now a seasoned U.S. news correspondent. George Stroumboulopoulos has made a nice niche for himself in the talk show world. Even Juliette Powell, a former Miss Canada, joined in the early 90's but was an accomplished academic, not just a pretty face.

All TV has been dumbing down and Much has been no exception. Still, it's sad to see the end of what was a great station and such an important part of the Canadian music scene for a couple of decades.

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