Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Transformations: Portage and Smith

My latest post at Winnipeg Downtown Places is on the Kensington Building at Portage and Smith.

While researching I came across a number of photos showing that the block has not changed much since the 1920s, with the exception of the original Kensington building destroyed by fire in 1972.

circa 1925
Portage Avenue
circa 2009
Downtown Winnipeg


Anonymous said...

I've always thought there should be movies or at least light shows projected against the windowless east wall of that building. I now work in it, and yes, the layout isn't great, and it'd be nice to have an amenity tenant in the ground floor, but at least there are great views to the west from the higher floors.
(I couldn't comment on the actual post as it didn't allow anonymous comments)

Christian Cassidy said...

Thanks for the comments !

I am not sure what is up with the comments feature on blogspot lately. "Behind the scenes" your comments were there but when I went the public side they don't show up.

Now I see that they have appeared here !?

Sorry about the glitch. I do allow anon posts !

Yes, that big, dark gray wall certainly needs something to jazz it up ! Perhaps the assumption was that one day 'soon' they would expand so no point in putting anything nice there.

Anonymous said...

I posted over here when it didn't seem to work on Downtown Places ('cause what I had to say was soooo profound ;-) )
Also, it's 275 Portage, not 487.


Christian Cassidy said...

Ha - thanks ! Change made !