Saturday, 25 December 2010

Manitoba History Books: On Sale

I don't usually shill for shopping sites but I do have a soft spot for Manitoba History and a couple of the on-line book sites have great Boxing Day sales on Manitoba history books.

Often when they're out of print these titles take a long time to come back, if ever, so they're great to have or to give while they're available. Getting them on sale is an added bonus !

Some notable selections:

Chapters / Indigo - many titles 34% off
- Blanchard's Winnipeg's Great War @ 34% off
- Gourluck's Eatons' a Store Like No Other @ 34% off
- Reid's A History of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles @ 34% off

Amazon - has all of Gourluck's books: Eaton's; Tribune; Downtown; Mosaic Village etc. at 37% off - just 18.87 each. A price even a Winnipegger can love !

- Gourluck's Going Downtown @37% off
- Paskievich's The North End @ 37% off
- Winnipeg Modern @ 20% off
- Encyclopedia of Manitoba @ 37% off
- Manitoba's Buried History (both volumes) @ 37% off

McNally's do so much to promote these local history books. They don't seem to be competing with the 'big boys' for Boxing Day sales on their back-titles this year. Still, be sure to check them out on-line for other book deals !


cshandyman said...

I love the book you mentioned Blanchard's Winnipeg's Great War. Amazon does have some great prices too!!! http://www.cshandymansvc.com

John Dobbin said...

I have a good number of those books already and got more this Christmas! ha!