Sunday, 19 December 2010

For Sale / Sold December 2010

Looking for something a bit different for that special someone for Christmas ? Why not a building ?!
Here's what's up for December 2010.

- The 'big guy' on the list this week is the former Pace Setter Sportswear building at Logan and Sherbrook. For sale or lease -all 50,000 sq ft of it !

- The former Doner Hardware store on Main Street at Dufferin is for sale. With it you get this nifty North Main mural !

- Seems that Chicken Delight is vacating Corydon Avenue. The property and building is for sale, not the business. It comes with a full kitchen and a drive through. I foresee a demo and a Tim Horton's at Corydon and Stafford soon.

- This one is a bit sad to see. The White House, formerly Oldfiled, Kirby & Gardner building, at 234 Portage is up for sale. A few years back new owners lovingly and extensively renovated the place to its former glory. The spa that was in there closed and the main floor has been empty since. Beautiful building. (read more about it at my Winnipeg Downtown Places post about the building).

If an empty building isn't good enough, why not one with an existing business ? Here's a selection ...

- Step 'N Out on Boul Provencher is up for sale - business and property.

- For something more spicy, the West End's Caribbean Restaurant is for sale.

- Want it sweet smelling ? After 53 years in business, the owners of Valley Florists at 368 McGregor Street and Mountain Ave are calling it quits.

- If you want to just toss it all in and move to a beautiful part of the province, there's a nifty B & B for sale in Minnedosa !

A couple of other notes ....

- you can buy the Stradbrook Avenue land, now home to the Winter Club tennis courts, for an undisclosed prices. Their promo piece prominently boasts the potentially coming soon (maybe) Harkness Station of the Rapid Transit corridor.

- Milt Stegall fans take note ! Milt Stegal drive is going to more than double the number of addresses on it ! A new commercial strip mall thing is going up at 1100 Milt Stegall Drive at Sargent and four of the units, it seems, will boast 1100 Milt Stegall Drive addresses.

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