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Manitoba Remembers Vimy Ridge, John Babcock

Image source: Anybody Want a Peanut
At 5:30 a.m. on April 9, 1917 the Canadian-led assault on Vimy Ridge began. The Battle of Vimy Ridge was wone three days later but at a terrible cost: 3,598 lives and another 7,004 wounded.

Source: Canwest
This year's anniversary will be especially meaningful. Back in February John Foster Babcock, Canada's last known World War One Veteran, died at the age of 109. For many years the Canadian Government planned to mark the passing of this final link with a state funeral. Babcock, however, declined that honour. Instead, a number of commemorative and educational events will be held across the country.

Q: Do you believe history keeps repeating itself?:
"Yes, I guess it does but hopefully one day we will get it right and not kill each other."
John Babcock

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Veterans Affairs has created "End of an Era" with links to relevant World War One and Vimy information, including a photo gallery.

Vimy Ridge Park

And now, they are gone –and all Canadians mourn our collective loss. Yet they will remain forever etched in the hearts of a grateful people and on the pages of our history as symbols of service, honour and dedication.
In our minds and in our hearts always, we will remember them.
Queen Elizabeth II, April 9, 2010

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