Monday, 12 April 2010

For Sale, Sold: The April 2010 Edition

The April version of my semi-regular look at what's for sale and sold in Winnipeg.

In the West End...

Ellice Cafe and Theatre
There's a SOLD sign at the former Budget rental car lot at Ellice and Sherbrook, kitty corner to the West End Cultural Centre. In recent years that area has gained the Ellice Cafe and Theatre, Black Sheep Diner and an expanded WECC. I hope that whatever goes in there will build on that.

West End Library
News that the vacated West End Branch Library at Ellice near Arlington was sold to the Daniel McIntyre/St. Matthews Community Association. The recently formed group had been working out of Orioles / Valour Community club.

Elsewhere Around Town:

Downtown Winnipeg
The very cool former North West Travellers' Association building is for sale.

Edmonton Street
For just over half a mil you can pick up one of Central Park's gem houses, the c.1901 Hoover and Town duplex at 368 Edmonton.
Designated a historic building in 1984, (here's the heritage report in pdf), it's a commercial structure now and still looks as grand as it did back in the day. (Bottom photo is c 1903 from the above City of Winnipeg historic report).

Hample Building
Then there's the Hample "Coulda been a contender" Building at 271 Portage. It was cleaned up in the hopes that it could be sold (in the $1.5 range !) to someone willing to take it the rest of the way. In Feb 2009 the owner told the Free Press that if it didn't sell he would convert the top floors to offices and look for a main floor lease tenant. So far, neither has happened.

Sutherland Hotel
The Spice World on Main Street is still for sale. Not spicy enough for you ? Why not take that Main Street Strip location and toss in the consumption of alcohol ? The Sutherland Hotel, and it's waiting list of tenants, is for sale.

Dynasty Bldg
Here's a true signature locale: The Dynasty Building at a cool $3.1m ! It's just the office / retail, not the attached apartments.
Chinatown's 100th
I hope that includes that neat walking garden out front.

mrchristian's Feature Property of the Month...

Manitoba Clothing Co.
This time the nod goes to the Manitoba Clothing Company - the business that nobody quite knows what it does. Is it really a department store? Do they make clothes ? Is it a design school ?!

Well, the business is a clothing manufacturer, specializing in uniforms and ladies wear. The factory is upstairs and the main floor and basement is where they sell their wares. I have to admit that I have never been in the place but might take a look in case someone buys it just for the building.

WFP October 26, 1966
This location opened in 1966 but if you purchase the business you get a piece of Winnipeg history. Without the fanfare of other century-plus businesses operating in the city, the Manitoba Clothing Company has been churning out clothing since 1877 !

Incorporated under the Manitoba Clothing Company name in 1895, it began as a retail entity but after financial trouble in 1898 they reorganized, built a new two-storey location at 560 Main then began to hire tailors, seamstresses for a manufacturing arm.

By 1909 they had numerous orders, including for the local Street Railway and fire departments, some contracts continued for decades.
Manitoba Clothing Co.
Aside from a smart, 60's building you also get that nifty retro sign !

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