Friday, 13 February 2009

Kelvin for Sale, Bronx Coming Along

I was flipping through the land for sale section of the city's website and see that February 6th was the deadline to make an offer for the Henderson Highway-fronting portion of the former Kelvin Rec Centre site. Going price ? $285,000 for the 26,058 sq ft.

According to
this article in the weeklies the Kelvinites are still pushing for a new fieldhouse and other rec amenities for the remaining land where the rinks and changeroom are. That portion of the site right now is run by Bronx Park CC whose new building is still under construction.

According to the Kelvin section of the Bronx Park website "the General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres and Mayor Sam Katz have promised to maintain the fields and to build a new fieldhouse that will be a vast improvement on our current temporary structure. No formal plans have been made..."

As an aside, Bronx Park the neighbourhood came long before the Bronx Park Community Centre. Bronx Park was a housing development that began in the early 1900's:

In 1948 East Kildonan council gave the green light for the East Kildonan Community Club to occupy the land west of Henderson between Bronx and Chelsea Avenues.

That kicked off a fundraising drive for a new clubhouse, and likely the relocation of the old clubhouse to the new site and the name change to Bronx Park. (From where in EK the EKCC was I couldn't find).

In 1964, funding was obtained to build the structure that sat there until a year or two ago.

See: Bronx Park Opens for Business


Regan Wolfrom said...

You'd think I'd have heard "Kelvinites" before, but that's a first.

We're working with city staff right now to come up with a plan for the site. No details yet, but things are looking very positive at this point.

mrchristian said...

That's great to hear that something will likely remain there for local youth. Good work !

Jane Muirhead said...

Thank you Regan for your Hard work, you have mine and my husbands vote.
No way could I give Bill Blaikie my vote, he did nothing to save Kelvin and neither did Gary Doer. Maybe Blaikie could have used some of his millions for Kelvin if he really cared. He doesn't even live in Elmwood.