Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Polar Bear Alert. STOP. Part Two

Churchill Manitoba
I went to the zoo yesterday to see Debby. I assume the city issuing a release on her condition just before a long weekend was a way of saying that someone's going to be seeing the v-e-t on Tuesday morning.

Assiniboine Park Zoo
She was the star of the zoo, as usual. Lots of people where there to take a last pic or to bring their kids to see her.
Debby the Polar Bear
Debby was slow, a little drooly and unsure of some of her steps so you could tell that the end IS near. If she ever fell or anything officials are NOT going to want to have to put her down in front of the crowd.

Debby the Polar Bear
I took pics of the zoo and the enclosures and will post more later. In the meantime, thanks Debby !

Debby the Polar Bear
Ironically, when she passes on to that big ice floe in the sky, THESE will be the only polar bears you will see at Assiniboine Park Zoo - the 'Churchills' that have been there for years asking people to contribute so that the zoo can be improved for, well, polar bears.

Oh, and a tip of the toque to Waverly West who brought this issue up back in March.

Polar Bear Alert. STOP.
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