Sunday, 10 August 2008

Weekend Update: I Love Manitoba ( 2)

I decided to head down 59 close to the border and then across to Altona. Some great little towns and sights down there.

Roseau River Reserve:
Roseau River MB
Letellier MB:
The former village of Woodmore MB:
Woodmore Hall
Altona MB
St - Pierre Jolys:

I ended up in Altona and recalled story in the paper about a new gallery and garden that had opened recently.

It's called Gallery in the Park, a restored heritage house is the indoor gallery and a newly landscaped garden (still some sod and fountain work to finish) makes up the outdoor portion. Something I found really nice, especially for a small town attraction, is that it's open until 8 pm most nights, including late on Sundays.

Selkirk, Manitoba
Currently the gallery has two shows. The main show is paintings and bronzes by Peter Sawatzky. His most prominent works, for me anyway, are Perilous Crossing in Selkirk (above) and the Caribou Crossing at Portage and Main. The upstairs gallery has works by a dozen artists in a show entitled entitled "Through the Artist's Eye". Both are on until September 30th.

Altona did a great job on the space. It's one of those 'must get to places' in southern Manitoba !
Altona MB
Altona MB
Altona MB
Altona MB
Altona MB


Joel said...

Your photograph of the monument in St. Pierre Jolys is beautiful. I pass it almost every day and haven't seen it in quite that way. Well done!

Christian Cassidy said...

Thanks very much. It's a wonderful monument !