Thursday, 19 June 2008

Central Park to get an upgrade

Central Park, Downtown Winnipeg
From The Free Press June 19 2008:

"A downtown Winnipeg park vital to new Canadians is about to receive a $5-million makeover planned in part by the inner-city residents who use the green space, the Free Press has learned.Although the details have yet to be finalized, the upgrades are expected to include $1 million of new lighting as well as the refurbishment of Waddell Fountain..."

African Market, Central Park, Winnipeg

That is really great news. Central Park, once one of Winnipeg's premiere parks, fell on hard times.

African Market, Central Park, Winnipeg
In the 80's the Core Area Initiative did some renovating and building around it but the socioeconomic conditions of the area made it a scary place. The recent flood of African immigrants in the 90s and 00s has helped to rejuvenate the amount of activity in the park.

Central Park, Winnipeg

Great news that it includes the fountain !

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