Saturday, 21 June 2008

Stuff Named Winnipeg I

Doing research for my my "This Day In Winnipeg History" posts I sometimes come across odd things named for Winnipeg.

With Winnipeg, being a combination of Cree words 'win' meaning murky and 'nipiy' meaning water, it's safe to assume that there is no other 'Winnipeg' out there.

Many of them originate in the U.K., perhaps when doing colonial history in British schools the name came up and stuck with people ?

Now Winnie the Pooh, of course, is the most famous namesake we have and it, too, has a UK connection....but a Winnipegger could really do themselves up in style with these products !

First, there's the lovely faux leather Winnipeg Tote, a range of them actually, from British accessories seller janeshilton.co.uk.

For a night on the town, or with your horse, there are the Caldene Winnipeg Jodhpurs, available in assorted colours, sold by numerous equestrian shops in the UK including stockleyonline.co.uk.

One, of course, needs something to go with the purse and jodhpurs...what about a Winnipeg Jacket ? There are two offerings here. One by French outdoors company Aigle.

The other, for ladies and men, is by US manufacturer Helly Hansen.

In case you thought it was a clothing thing, it's not ! You'd look stylish in either of the above jackets lying back in your 5 berth Winnipeg Tent from Khyam.

Onto the more odd choices of Winnipeg products...you can check out your Winnipeg smile every morning in British furniture designer Cipini's Winnipeg Mirror.

And, finally, if you want to pack up all your Winnipeg stuff and get outa town for a while you can load up your stylish 2008 Miller Winnipeg Camper conversion. The Peugot conversion is shown below but Miller will 'Winnipeg' other makes as well, including Torino and Fiat.

Let me know if you find more !!!

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