Thursday, 8 August 2019

The Winnipeg Tribune's Arthur "Kit" Kitney

A name that I have come across many times in my research is Arthur "Kit" Kitson. For 34 years he was the "Outdoors" editor for the Winnipeg Tribune keeping Manitobans abreast of the latest news on fish and wildlife populations, where the best hunting and fishing was at, and the latest in equipment ranging from rifles to outboard motors.

Kitson's contributions were often a mix of good advice and his quirky sense of humour. The above photo, for instance, ran with an article entitled "Slob, or King of the Outdoors" about proper hunting attire and how many hunters, himself included, hung on to their favourite pieces so long that their wives usually referred to them as "filthy old rags".

 I dug deeper into Kitson's background. You can find the nuts and bolts of his life in my entry about him at the MHS' Memorable Manitobans.

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