Friday, 30 November 2018

Another classic Safeway design to disappear

Another classic Safeway store is biting the dust. This one, at 3059 Ness Avenue at Sturgeon Road, was part of the Sturgeon Park Shopping Centre strip mall and opened on December 8, 1969.

This design, which doesn't seem to have a name, certainly didn't have the same staying power or popularity as its predecessor, the wavy-roofed Marina-style store.

It appears that only four Safeways of this design were constructed in the city in the late 1960s. This is the only one that remains with its original facade intact.

In 2014, Sobeys closed this store and it has been vacant ever since. Earlier this year, a redevelopment of the three-acre site was proposed for a pair of four storey buildings containing 119 residential and four retail units. The store will be demolished in November - December 2018.

For more abut the store's history, see my Winnipeg Places post.

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