Sunday, 26 March 2017

Artspace at 30 !

My column in today's Winnipeg Free Press is about the former Gault Brothers' Warehouse, better known as Artspace.

In recent years we've taken development in the Exchange District for granted - there are always a number of big projects on the go at any one time. Thirty years ago, though, when Artspace was being created it was seen as a bold and risky venture.


crunchy floor said...

"Executive director Eric Plamondon notes the building has not lost a tenant in 23 years..."
One of the original main floor tenants, Main/Access Gallery, shut down in 2005, facing higher rental rates and dwindling grant money. Sadly, both their executive director and curator passed away within two years of closing.

Christian Cassidy said...

Thanks for that. I did not realize. I guess that was before the current ED's time. He specifically said 23 years.