Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Civic Election Rematch in Daniel Mac !

There's going to be a rematch of Winnipeg's tightest 2010 civic election race in the Daniel McIntyre Ward. Incumbent Harvey Smith, despite losing his long-time NDP endorsement, kept his seat with just 28 per cent of the vote. In fact, a mere 352 votes separated the top three contenders and they're all back on the ballot !

2010 Results
Harvey Smith 3,251x
(click on name for 2014 election website)

Expect the same campaign issues to resurface, in particular the area's crime rate and road infrastructure, which have remained pretty much the same since 2010.

Keep up with all the happenings at the 2014 Winnipeg Civic Election site, (no affiliation to the city site.) It's going to be another close one !

Media Coverage of 2014 Race

Radio-Canada, 8 août 2014

Here's a little more about "Daniel Mac":

The ward is named for Daniel McIntyre, OBE, who for 43 years was the Superintendent of Public Schools in Winnipeg, starting from the system's infancy in 1885. (Note that he was a "Mic", not a "Mac", though "Daniel Mac" is how everyone pronounces it !)

In the First World War, 70 Canadians were awarded the Victoria Cross. At least four of them lived in Daniel McIntyre. This includes Robert Shankland, Leo Clarke and Frederick Hall of Pine Street, now Valour Road, and James Tait of Thelmo Manison on Burnell Street.

It's where Bill Norrie, Winnipeg's second-longest serving mayor, grew up, where the national school safety patrol program got its start and where an elm tree made international news.

In 2011, Daniel McInytre was the sixth largest ward in the city by population out of Winnipeg's fifteen.

Like most central neighbourhoods, its population shrank through the 60s and 70s and it kept on going until it bottomed out in the 2000s. According to the city, the 2011 population was 45,542, up more than 1,500 from 2006, (source.)

In the 2006 census 16.2% indicated Aboriginal, Metis or Inuit heritage, versus 10% for the city as a whole. Another 18.1% said Filipino, compared to 5.9% in the rest of the city.

Retail areas include Wolseley's great shops, Sargent Avenue's restaurants and downtown north of Portage Avenue. Yup, that includes Portage Place !

Indoor recreation facilities include Cindy Klassen Rec Centre, Sherbrook Pool and the U of W's Duckworth Centre. Outdoor spaces include Central Park, Vimy Memorial and Jacob Penner Park. 

It's also home to the West End Cultural Centre and University of Winnipeg !

INCOME STATS (from 2006 census)
Home Street

In 2005, Daniel McIntyre was the second poorest ward in the city with an average household income of $43,367and median income of $33,890. This is compared to $63,023 and $49,790 for the city as a whole. 

By comparison, Mynarski had the lowest with $41,980 and $34,77, while Point Douglas fared better with $49,971 and $42,852.

Police Courts monument, Winnipeg
Daniel McIntyre has one of the highest crime rates in the city. In 2010 and 2011, for instance, it was second only to Mynarski for total number of crimes reported. (For a table see this post at mennozacharias.com)

n  particular, arson sprees, (which, inexplicably, CrimeStat does not track), were especially bad in 2011 and 2013. 

This CBC Manitoba homicide map doesn't keep a tally or identify neighbourhoods, but from eyeballing it, I estimate that approximately 31 of the 176 homicides in the city between 2009 to present took place in the ward.

For whatever reason, I can never get the CrimeStat map to work properly when trying to set dates past 30 days. Check it out yourself here, choose area filters, council wards, then Daniel McIntyre.


Anonymous said...

My god - how can Harvey Smith possibly run again. He is part of the problem at City Hall.
He falls asleep at council.
He's evicted for hoarding/ insanitary dwelling.
He voted in favour of the sad waterpark/hotel plan at the Forks that was soundly rejected by citizens - why: "Gerbasi voted for it".
He did not support more robust reviews of the real estate audit.
He has been asleep at the switch for years.

ConcernedAboutWinnipeg said...

My neighbourhood! I love this neighbourhood, and despite its undeserved reputation, have never lived anyplace that I love more than the Spence Neighbourhood (part of the Daniel Mac ward).

Anonymous said...

Moved to this area..the Spence Neighbourhood to be exact two years ago and LOVE IT. Great multi cultural vibe,decent hard working people,quirky,and cheap. For all the bad its supposed to be we have never had any problems. As for Harvey Smith,I think it's time for him to go. This area needs someone a little more pro-active if it's going to reach its full potential.