Sunday, 8 June 2014

PHOTOS: 2014 Ellice Street Festival and History Tour !

The 2014 Ellice Street Festival kicks off with a free concert at the West End Cultural Centre featuring Süss & JD and the Sunshine Band. Saturday it hits the street from 12 - 4 pm with all sorts of events, from bands to bouceroos to bike tune-ups ! See the poster or this Metro article for more details.

I'm planning on doing another Random Act of Heritage. This time, it's historical "standing tours" of Ellice and Sherbrook ! Yes, there's so much history at that one corner, there's no need to do any walking !

Ellice Street Fest 2014 259_n
 See below for a list of "standing tour" sites !
Ellice Street Fest 2014 159_n
Ellice Street Fest 2014 194_n
Ellice Street Fest 2014 434_n
Ellice Street Fest 2014 541_n
Ellice Street Fest 2014 925_n
Ellice Street Fest 2014 534_n
Ellice Street Fest 2014 588_n

"Standing Tour":

I didn't get nearly enough done for my standing historical tour as I wanted, but that gives me something to work on for next year. Thanks to everyone who checked it out.

Sites that I do have detailed building histories for are:

- West End Cultural Centre is partially covered by part 1 of my history of St. Matthews Church. I am putting the final touches on a stand-alone history of the WECC post.
- A photo of the original John M King School can be seen at MHS. If you take a close look at the photo you an see where this tablet that now stands on Ellice Avenue hung !

The above Ellice and Sherbrooke image is from a 1922 Union Bank ad though, it seems, the Union Bank was never actually in that spot. In 1922 - 23 they appear in the Henderson Directory one block east at Ellice and Langside (now demolished) ?!

Here are some grant opening ads for other businesses !

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