Friday, 4 April 2014

Winter 1898 revisited

So, with word that this is the coldest winter since 1898, I thought I would look back to the newspapers to see what they had to say at the time about it. Without central heating, heated transportation and modern technology extreme cold was more than an inconvenience, it was a matter of life and death.

Surprising, I didn't find that many articles in the Tribune, at least (I will tackle the Free Press later). There were a few matter-of-fact articles about the fact that it was bitterly cold, that people were showing up with cold-related injuries to hospital and what not. Certainly not the daily barrage of self-pitying stories that we have in the winter of 2013.

bdelow is one of the few longer articles I could find, which really cobbles together a bunch of smaller stories under one banner. it is from the Winnipeg Tribune of June 9, 1899. I will post more articles as I come across them.

June 9, 1899, Winnipeg Tribune

 January 26, 1899, Winnipeg Tribune

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