Friday, 10 January 2014

John C. Eaton's grand plan for Winnipeg

CityPlace renovations

With CityPlace's renovations in full swing, I thought I would do a building history of the Eaton's Mail Order Buildings for my Winnipeg Downtown Places blog. During my research I stumbled upon a circa 1916 - 1928 grand plan that Eaton's had for its campus of buildings in downtown Winnipeg.

July 17, 1916, Winnipeg Tribune

The complex, which was to be built in phases over 12 years, included the demolition and of the existing retail store and would have created a single 12-storey building that ran from Portage Avenue to St. Mary Avenue. The one exception was a notch-out at street level to allow Graham Avenue to pass through it.

The final phases of the plan were never realized, likely due in large part to the death of John. C. Eaton.

Part one of my building history, which looks at the plan, can be found here.

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