Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Radio Edition for December 29, 2013

Tune in to 101.5 UMFM tonight at 7:00 pm  for the final show of 2013.

Thanks to UMFM and everyone who listened in this year. Also, a big thanks to Tessa Vanderhart, as without her technical prowess I'd just be sitting in a room talking to myself ! 

If you have ideas or suggestions for the show, feel free to post them below, at the Facebook page or email them to cassidy-at-mts.net.


I'll start off with some notable items in Manitoba history that took place during the week December 29th to January 5th. They include the opening of the national historic site  Metropolitan Theatre and the Crystal Casino at the Hotel Fort Garry. There's also the unveiling of the old Riel statue on the grounds of the Legislature. It was also the week when the Unified City of Winnipeg, or Unicity, took effect.

If you're into New Year's levées, (and who isn't ?), Manitoba's first Lieutenant Governor Adams Archibald held the first one back in 1871 at Upper Fort Garry. This year's levée will take place on January 1 at 2:30 pm at the Legislature.

I'll also consult the analytics fairy to see what the 5 most-read West End Dumplings posts of 2013 were. Surprisingly, only one of them is from 2013. The rest are from past years but made the news in 2013 giving them new life.

On Monday I will post the list and corresponding links to this site !

The final segment will look at Auld Lang Syne. It will be unavoidable over the next couple of days, so why not learn about its history so that you can bore people at your New Year's party with factoids ?

The Morgan Library and Museum has a great website dedicated to Auld Lang Syne that includes transcripts and MP3 clips. The origin of the poem dates back to the 1660s and was updated for new audiences every few years, including by Robbie Burns in the 1790s. The tune that we associate with the song goes back almost as far. It wasn't until 1799 that they were brought together.


New Year's Eve is Burton Cummings' 66th birthday so we're heavy on the Burt. There are three selections from the 1996 album Up Close and Alone recorded at the Glen Gould Studio. It's just him, a piano and impressive set of pipes !

Stand Tall - Burton Cummings
Share the Land - Burton Cummings
Take One Away - Burton Cummings
Auld Lang Syne (spoken) - LibriVox / J. Finkberg
Auld Lang Syne (sung) - Dougie McLean

Website-only special - Auld Lang Syne by The Muppets !

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