Saturday, 2 November 2013

My one and only blog rant about the 2013 Blue Bombers

Winnipeg Stadium

Roll up the turf, the 2013 Blue Bomber season is finally done. I guess the only positive from today's game is that they proved they could be consistent right up the final play.

On CJOB's post-game crotchety old man show it was mentioned that the Bombers are ready to drop the "acting" from Kyle Walters' and Wade Miller's title. Actually, a couple of panel members sounded quite impatient that the team had the gall to say that they will wait until after the Grey Cup to make a formal announcement.

Really ? So the GM and CEO get canned part way though the season resulting in a scramble to find whoever is immediately available to toss into those positions so that you can limp through the rest of the season. Now that it's finally over, hurry - don't waste any time in anointing them to the positions permanently ?

I get from the panel that these two are likeable guys - they were practically swooning over them during the show - but isn't that exactly the type of thing that got the team into the death spiral that they've been in for the past two years: rash judgements leading to hirings / firings / keeping people around that in retrospect were not the right choices ?

This is a multi-million dollar professional sports franchise in a national league. Surely top positions like this warrant at least a half-hearted attempt at a job posting and a "whip-round" to see who else might be interested ?

I guess not.

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