Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Last hope for the James Avenue High Pressure Pumping Station ?

Winnipeg - Waterfront to the Disraeli

On August 6, 2013 an open house was held to present a new (and likely the last) development idea for the site. 

I say "the last" because since it has been shuttered since 1986. A number of potential buyers have come looking but the high cost to renovate the building, clean the machinery and remediate the land (all in return for a small amount of usable space) have driven them away. CentreVenture, the building's owners, have let it be known that they want this piece of land developed soon, with or without the building. 

James Avenue Pumping Station
James Avenue Pumping Station

The plan involves driving piles through the floor and adding a mixed-use, fourteen-storey tower on top. It would have a restaurant and market on the first two floors, three floors of office space and the rest would be rental apartments.

A catwalk and suspended floor above the machinery level would provide the space for restaurant and cafe seating.

Museum and Planetarium Parking Lot

A key element for the developers would be the city / province to commit to developing  parkade on the on the provincial land north of the museum, currently a large surface parking lot.

For more photos from tonight's presentation. For a history of the James Avenue High Pressure Pumping Station.


Anonymous said...

The Freep makes no mention of a previous 'developer' who 'illegally'took out some equipment. CentreVenture just let that slide and when the developers walked CV just bought the property back at a profit for the failed developer and a loss for the City.
This is just another shell game and CV will probably flip the building for a dollar and call it a win, win, win, win....

Anonymous said...

Link for the previous flip-flop of this property: