Thursday, 14 February 2013

Winnipeg's parking meters ARE a dog's breakfast.

Winnipeg Parking meter Winnipeg Parking meter

During the summer Cherenkov posted Simplicity in Parking at Anybody Want a Peanut. It was a comparison between Montreal's clean, simple parking meters versus Winnipeg's cluttered combination of stickers, pictograms and micro-text. He concluded that Winnipeg's meters were a dog's breakfast.

I agreed with much of what he said. I've never been a fan of the instruction panel on our meters. Sometimes, putting too much instruction (or the same instructions repeated more than once) is more confusing than leaving some things to intuition.

I was in Paris over New Year's and thought I would see a big, international city had on offer for its parkers. It turns out that they opt for the simple as well.


unclebob said...

We should try to be more respectful of dogs. No self respecting pooch would want to stoop to urinate on anything Winnipeg's Parking Authority touches

One Man Committee said...

Just breaking it down into a numbered, step-by-step process would be a helpful start.