Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sherbrook Street's last rotten tooth

Melbourne Apartments
 July 2007

Melbourne Apartments
September 2012

Melbourne Apartments
December 2012

I've posted a couple of times about the fact that Sherbrook Street has been on an incredible roll in the past couple of years. From the new condo development and Women's Hospital at its northern end to the new condo development and Misericordia construction at the south, it's undergoing a milti-million dollar upgrade to its streetscape.

This change has been most apparent in West Broadway where it has become a new Osborne Street or Corydon Avenue with small shops and trendy cafe's and eating establishments.

The last holdout has been the Melbourne Apartments which have been boarded up since 2005. Over the past year, though, renovations have been slowly but surely taking place. Soon the last missing rotten tooth along that stretch of Sherbrook will be filled in again !

December 31, 1910, Manitoba Free Press

My latest post at my Winnipeg Downtown Places blog is a history of the Melbourne Apartments which opened on Sherbrooke street in December 1910.

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