Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Seriously, Gail ?

Canadian Musem for Human Rights
A good post over at The Purple Rod about Gail Asper's irreverent "quip to the editor" in yesterday's Free Press about the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

I'm sure my father, Israel Asper, would have found the continuing discussions for and against the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to be fascinating. For my part, all I can say is, hey, at least it's given the detractors something to complain about beside our weather.
GAIL ASPER, Winnipeg

Anything I have ever read or heard about Izzy Asper leads me to believe that he would have grabbed the problem by the nuts long ago, banged a lot of heads and table tops and got things back on track before they got to the sad state the project finds itself in now.

I consider myself a supporter of the project but seeing things like this goes a long way to point out why the project has stumbled so badly and, perhaps, if it will ever be realized.

When museum fundraisers have to go back to some of the people that Asper herself talked out of millions in donations, (don't mind the various levels of government), to ask for more to get the project finished in her lifetime, I wonder if they'll have the same "aw shucks" attitude.


Purple Rod said...

I'm just glad Izzy is not alive to witness what has transpired over the last five years in this city, in relating to the Asper fortunes. I'm sure "fascinated" would be the last word on his mind.

Guy N. Cognito said...

I think Izzy is spinning so fast right now he could power the place...