Thursday, 26 January 2012

Five times lucky for the Lakeview Hotel project on St. Mary Ave?

Earlier this month one of the city's most announced projects was announced yet again: the Lakeview Hotel on St. Mary Avenue at Edmonton Street.

First proposed in 2004, the plan has undergone a number of changes.
The most recent incarnation calls for two hotels on the site: one facing Edmonton Street and another facing St. Mary Avenue.

It would be great to have that site filled and the last link of the southern loop of the Skywalk system completed. Unfortunately, the connection is to be part of the St. Mary hotel which will be built as a second phase.

To be honest, I am not holding my breath that either hotel will be built any time soon. Here's a look back at the various announcements of this Lakeview Hotel project:

November 6, 2004, Winnipeg Free Press

The proposal was first made public back in November 2004. The Lakeview Group announced the construction of a $12m, six storey, 115 room all-suite hotel connected to the downtown Skywalk system. Construction was to begin in Spring 2005.

June 25, 2005, Winnipeg Free Press

Summer came and Lakeview announced that the project was on hold while they reconfigured the design. It would now be ten storeys with 97 hotel rooms and 25 condominium units. Construction was to begin begin in the Autumn of 2005.

May 23, 2006, Winnipeg Free Press

Autumn passed but no construction. In June 2006 Lakeview told the Free Press that the final design details were being worked out. The project would also contain heated indoor parking, an exercise room, a small coffee shop and connection to the Skywalk. Construction was expected to begin by the end of 2006.

December 19, 2007, Winnipeg Free Press

A 2007 story about Lakeview's Sheraton Four Points development at the airport reported that construction of both hotels would begin in April / May 2008.

September 8, 2008, Winnipeg Free Press

In 2008 a new configuration was announced. The site would consist of two hotels. Facing Edmonton Street an $8m, 80 room, 3.5 star hotel. Facing St. Mary Avenue a four star hotel of seven to sixteen storeys with at least 150 hotel rooms and a connection to the Skywalk. Construction was to begin once the Convention Centre expansion plans were announced.

October 3, 2010, Winnipeg Free Press

One month later the Convention Centre announced their expansion plans. After the press conference Lakeview's Jack Levit told the Free Press that the 80 unit, 3.5 star hotel would go ahead but that the four star, 150 room hotel was on hold until they found out more about the proposed hotel addition to the Convention Centre. “Our plans are to go ahead with the 80 rooms and suites and see what happens” and said he expected that the hotel would be open in a year-and-a-half.

January 4, 2012, Winnipeg Free Press

In January 2012 Lakeview again floated the hotel proposal. In the Free Press story Murray McNeill was generous when he wrote that "Lakeview has been talking for more than a year ..." about the plan.

The latest proposal is similar to the 2010 version. A four-storey, 85-room Lakeview Signature Hotel facing Edmonton Street which ".... will take about a year to complete." The second is a $19-million, 12-storey, 150-room Lakeview Inn connected to the Skywalk, is on hold until the Convention Centre construction is well underway.

For a history of the site see my Winnipeg Downtown Places post.


One Man Committee said...

It's a great concept, but I'll believe it when I see it. Same deal with the Inlett office/condo project nearby at Osborne and York. It has also been kicking around since about 2004 but with no shovels in the ground.

Anonymous said...

All Talk + No Action = Winnipeg

mrchristian said...

To be fair to Lakeview, they HAVE put a lot of things up in that time. Three projects in Winnipeg and I think their Brandon hotel is post-2004. For some reason that one parcel just can't get off the ground.

John Dobbin said...

Even the start of the project is no guarantee it will be completed.

Witness the cladding and prelim work done on Portage Place hotel.

This project will get done but maybe not till the Convention Centre puts spades in the ground.

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